A Raging Inferno (TD 1111.1035)

Tone sped to the scene as fast as he could. His heart was racing as he navigated the twists and turns. The size of the fire engine made it cumbersome to maneuver. Luckily Eeyo was by his side helping navigate.

They had received a call that a fire had broken out at a family home in a rural area, and they were the closest team to the inferno.

They faced a significant challenge in responding quickly, as the roads were not made to handle a vehicle the size of the engine they needed to take. There was no nearby water source, so they had to bring the largest engine which had a water container.

Given that they would already be delayed to reach the fire safely, they couldn’t wait for backup and headed out alone as soon as the call came in.

As they traversed the back roads heading to their destination Tone noticed a stretch where the engine would not be able to fit through a group of trees that the road passed through. Not missing a beat, Tone spun the wheel, and the engine bounced over the rut at the side of the road as they cut through a field just in time, avoiding crashing into the woods.

Eeyo gasped as the engine started to fishtail in the tall grasses as the wheels kicked up dirt. Tone quickly adjusted his steering and brought the engine back under his control.

As they pulled up to the home, the pair began to operate as one. Without any noticeable communication, they each executed their parts seamlessly to prepare to battle the fire.

After donning the safety equipment, Tone readied the hose as Eeyo connected the water source. They acted without hesitation, as the fire had already started spreading across the structure and into the field surrounding the home.

Tone’s aim was true as Eeyo released the water and ran to his side to help steady the hose which pushed and pulled the pair due to the pressure of the water escaping. Targetting the areas critical to prevent the fire from spreading more, they quickly contained things.

Section by section the duo doused and drowned the fire until the only evidence of a fire was the smell of burnt wood in the air and puddles of water that had accumulated around the home.

The family, who had escaped at the first sign of danger, expressed their gratitude to the team. No other crews would have dared to reach the home. Had it not been for Tone and Eeyo, the house would have been lost. Thanks to their first response and fearlessness, minimal damage was done.

Tone noted to the family as they were departing, ”I’ll be back, to help repair and rebuild. Just let me know what you need.” He was true to his word, returning that weekend with supplies to replace the damaged wood and walls. The story of what happened made it into the local paper, and the community rallied around the family to help. Thanks to Tone, Eeyo, and the volunteers they inspired, the house was fully repaired and in better shape than it had started.

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